Sunday, January 27, 2008

life's journey is like...

baking bread.

first, to bake a specific bread, we need a recipe. it's like laying down the steps to achieve a desired outcome. plan.

we then follow the recipe step by step, and especially in baking, mistakes in measurement or timing will lead to unwanted outcomes - dough too soft, proof for too long, bread doesn't rise, burnt? it is not a definite thing that what you are trying to make turns out to be a failure, as you might accidently discover a new technique or perhaps an entirely different product! the rules are set, breaking them might cause you regret, but if you don't try you don't know what you'll get!

assuming you are a super careful person, does everything right from start, then now you leave your dough to proof ( for it to rise... let the yeast work its way through the dough). one tiny mistake, like accidentally knocking it, might puncture the dough and the bread collapses. all the careful effort now ends up wasted. you might be able to get something else, but really, it's not what you wanted. this is like life's 'testing' period. you do all that you could to protect things that are precious to you - treasured items, treasured relationships. yet sometimes, it is sad that the slightest mistake per say can make a mess of things. and such external factors are beyond our control - or perhaps they are?

we only have one life. fragile... that's why it is so precious. Lead a life of no regrets.

The less of routine, the more to life.

* this is a special dedication to Lee Nian Ning, who went home to be with God this morning. She was a an aspiring doctor, baker, and most importantly a great friend. May you rest in peace. We will meet again.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making such a beautiful dedication to Lee Nian Ning.

God bless her soul.

Buscrashnomore said...

please come for Nian Ning's memorial. see blog for more details!

please help to publicize it too. we want to get the media's attention:)